It’s November 2019. A Music Place staff bonding holiday has met with disaster, leaving thirteen staff members stranded on a remote island, with nothing but their wits and the clothes on their back to battle the elements. As the Music Place boat begins to sink in the distance, it dawns on our victims that fate has offered them one small mercy… they still have time to rescue one or two of their dearest possessions. Coincidentally, each of them chooses to save the same two items (musicians are so predictable): one album, and a recording of one of their favourite songs. This will be all the music they’ll have access to for the duration of their stay on the island which will, in all likelihood, be a very…long… time.  Whilst some were enthused by the challenge of choosing their favourite album and song, for most, drowning in the surrounding ocean seemed a preferable prospect. Alas, our thirteen victims finally made their choices. So, what music did they choose, and why?


  • Castaway 1- Hannah Rose, Piano Teacher

Album: Coldplay- Mylo Xyloto

“The music is so ambient; he’s not the best singer but the upright D tuned piano is great and what they do with guitars is anthemic.”

Song:  The Beatles- Drive my car

“My Dad used to play it driving us back from swimming- he had a cool car, roof down, The Beatles blasting…”


  • Castaway 2- Miles Golding, pianist and Desk Person extraordinaire

Album: Kendrick Lamar, To pimp a butterfly

“The production is just so good + if I’m going to die on a desert island, I want to die to something groovy.”

Song: Neutral Milk Hotel,  In the Aeroplane over the Sea

“It’s all about love and happiness and what it means to be alive- just really beautiful!”


  • Castaway 3- Gemma Salmon – Piano teacher

Album: Debussy, Preludes

“They’re interesting and all very different. If I had to choose any of Debussy’s work to listen to, this would be it.”

Song: Zero 7, In the Waiting Line

“I used to listen to it when I was revising or to send me to sleep, so I know I could listen to it on repeat!”


  • Castaway 4- Charlie Cooper- Singing/Piano Teacher

Album: Best of The Carpenters

“Karen Carpenter has one of the best voices in the world.”

Song: Frank Sinatra, That’s life

“It sums up my mood most days.”


  • Castaway 5- Jonni Musgrave – Piano Teacher

Album: Meshell En’dgeocello, Plantation Lullabies

“Have you heard the album…?”

Song: Rickie Lee Jones, Company

“I want it played at my funeral.”


  • Castaway 6 – Gareth Jones, Piano Teacher

Album: Coldplay, Parachutes

“It’s one of the only albums I know all the words to and it’s in my range so I can sing along effortlessly and happily forever.”

Song: John Coltrane, Blue Train

“maybe, eventually… I’d understand it.”


  • Castaway 7- John Dagnall, Drum Teacher

Album: Queen, Queen II

“It’s one of the only albums I love listening to all the way through.”

Song: Focus, Sylvia

“It never fails to make me feel happy.”


  • Castaway 8Harriet Dagnall, Desk person

Album: Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark

“ It’s such a beautiful, warm album.”

Song:  Steely Dan, My Old School

“Everything about it is just so ace.”


  • Castaway 9- Kirk McElhinney, Guitar Teacher

Album: Stevie Wonder, Songs in the key of life

“If you want to know anything about music, it’s all there.”

Song: Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

“I’ll need it to keep fit on my island!”


  • Castaway 10- Sarah Austen, Woodwind Teacher

Album:  System of a down, Toxicity

“The music is such a good vent, I just run around screaming!” … it’s always the quiet ones

Song: Thin Lizzy, Sarah

“My Dad always used to sing it to me, since my name is Sarah.”


  • Castaway 11- Lois Dagnall, Singing Teacher

Album: Rickie Lee Jones, Pirates

“Lyrics, arrangements, just brilliant songs.”

Song: Sting, Fortress around your heart

“There’s enough there to keep you interested playing it on repeat.”


  • Castaway 12- Jo McCallum, Woodwind Teacher, Assistant manager of the island

Album: Frank Sinatra, Sinatra at the Sands

“I love everything about it.”

Song: Joni Mitchell, Both sides now

“I love her!”


  • Castaway 13- Paul Farr, Guitar Teacher

Album: Stevie Wonder, For once in my life

“Every song is just killer, so funky as well.”

Song: Glen Campbell, Witchita Lineman

“Amazing chord progression, just understated brilliance.”


Every cloud has a silver lining and, whilst we’re sad to have lost our thirteen staff members to Music Place Island, their music selections make one killer playlist, so go check out their recommendations!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!