From learning how to put the clarinet together to advanced techniques – enrol at The Music Place to start making progress!




Lesson (group of 2) £12 per student 30 mins
Lesson (1 to 1) £18.75 30 mins
Music Explorers £7 45 mins
Bands/Ensembles £9 1 hour
Daytime Choir £9 1 hour 30 mins
Evening Choir £7 1 hour
Theory Class £12 1 hour
Improvisation Class £10 1 hour

Gift vouchers are also available – contact Lucy/Jo for more info.

Refunds are only available in exceptional circumstances. This does not include minor illnesses, holidays or conflicting interests.

However, students may wherever possible rearrange missed 1 to 1 lessons at their teacher’s convenience. Please note: this is not always possible.

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information about courses at the Music Place.