Develop Your Improvising Abilities On Your Instrument. Course Directors Mike, Iain & Les’s teaching is geared around the idea that, “simple does not mean easy”.

Jazz Courses at The Music Place

The Music Place runs a jazz summer school each year, led by course directors Mike Walker, Iain Dixon and Les Chisnall.

Visit our staff page for more information on our Jazz Course Directors.

Our next Jazz Summer School will take place from 4th to 7th August 2024 in Altrincham and the course cost is £320.  Please see our flyer below.  If you would like to join our mailing list to receive more info on our courses, please contact Lucy/Jo.

Iain Dixon also runs weekly online jazz classes throughout the year on Thursday evenings.  Please contact us for more info or if you would like to sign up.

“Deepening our understanding of the simple things improves our general musicianship, which provides a stronger, more centred base. From here we can enjoy and be part of a more satisfying musical experience. Playing simple things, really well, is a challenge – we practise so things become simple – when they become simple they become most useful – complexity lives within simplicity and progress can be achieved through a deeper understanding of fundamentals.”

Mike Walker, Iain Dixon and Les Chisnall

Jazz Course Directors