Covid Safety Measures

What COVID-19 safety measures are in place at the music place?

We have made plans for a phased re-opening of the Music Place from 1st September with the following measures in place to keep our staff and students safe.

To begin with we will start on-site lessons every other week. Half the teachers will take the first week and the other half the following week so we will only need to use half the teaching rooms. This means we can use the bigger rooms, make sure they all have windows and, also cut down on the amount of people in the building.

Therefore, every other week your lessons will continue online. You will be informed as to whether your lessons will be onsite on the odd or even weeks before September.

If you would like to carry on having your lessons online every week, please get in touch so we can take you off the on-site timetable.

The following safety procedures will be in place:

  • Large 6-foot high Perspex sneeze screens in each teaching room
  • Hand sanitisers in every teaching room as well as the waiting room and office
  • Just Three people/households in the waiting room at any one time
  • Sofas replaced with wipe clean benches
  • Floor stickers to mark out seating zones and safe distancing
  • One person on the stairs at a time with priority to people exiting the building
  • More outdoor seating
  • Students to be encouraged to arrive just before their lesson and leave immediately afterwards
  • Regular cleaning of door handles, handrails, seating etc

The next phase would be to bring everyone back into the building every week but with staggered start times, we anticipate this might be January, but it is hard to predict at this stage.