As the observant amongst you may have astutely noticed, we have recently welcomed a couple of new friends into The Music Place! Whilst we were busy undertaking a good old revamp of the office over the summer break, we commissioned Hannah Dagnall (friend of The Music Place, related to roughly 30% of The Music Place, bespoke artist extraordinaire) to create some personalised canvas designs which encapsulate the spirit of our business, really getting to the heart of what we’re all about, and she delivered! Her depiction of ‘budding musicians’ nurturing their instruments like plants hit the nail on the head (and they’re not so rough on the eyes either!)

We’re so pleased with what Hannah created for us that we wanted to spread the word to other folk out there who might be on the lookout for bespoke art for their home, business or as a gift for a friend or loved one.

Hannah’s creations really have brightened up our office space! If you’d like to commission one of her original creations, feel free to drop her an email at

Have a lovely week everyone!