Small but mighty flute group seeks committed new members!

Meet Jo and Liz. Together with group leader, Michael, they make up The Music Place Flute Group. Small but fierce, Friday Flute group has met once a week at 7pm for a number of years. But now, this dynamic duo seeks fresh, new members to bolster their sound. Are you a Grade five or above flute player looking for a challenge? Have you been searching for a fun and friendly ensemble activity to brighten up your Friday evenings? Then look no further!

Alongside sharing your evening with like-minded, enthusiastic players, Friday flute group is a great opportunity to improve your sight-reading and technical skills as well practicing blending with an ensemble. Here’s what Liz and Jo had to say about their experience in flute group:

“I began learning the flute as an adult and have now had individual lessons for a few years. I had never really done much ensemble playing and was thrilled when The Music Place started the flute group – it was just what I had been looking for. Not only is it great fun to play with other people but it has also helped me to develop as a musician by looking beyond the technical mastery of my own instrument. I’m learning to play (better) in tune and in time with others, and to think about how my phrasing, articulation and dynamics fit within the music as a whole.” (Jo)

“ I really enjoy flute group. I have improved massively playing every week in a friendly, relaxed environment with people who are better than me. We work hard to make a good sound but we do laugh quite a lot too.” (Liz )

So don’t hesitate to drop us a line ( if you think you could be our next member.

Have a lovely week everyone!