Your teacher can help you set realistic goals and give you a timescale to work towards, to ensure that your playing will continue to progress.

Beginner Piano Lessons Altrincham

In your first piano lesson, your teacher will show you around the keyboard and help you spot the notes. Your teacher will make sure that your piano stool is at the right height, that you have good posture and that your fingers are in the right position to press the keys.You will be using all your fingers straight away and will be able to play a simple tune by the end of your first lesson.

Piano Lessons to Suit Your Ability

For a more advanced pianist starting lessons at the Music Place, bring along something you can play for your teacher, just so they can hear what you like and to see where you are with your playing.

Your teacher can help you set realistic goals and give you a timescale to work towards, to ensure that your playing will continue to progress. You are able to take your ABRSM exams here at the Music Place, in a familiar environment and on familiar pianos.

Once you have found your way around the piano keys, you can also learn how to read chord symbols here at the Music Place. Starting by learning major scale harmony, our teachers can help you play chords for music from all genres and help you get ready to perform in a rock, pop or jazz band setting.

More opportunities for Music Place piano students

Perform on a grand piano with other students on Piano Day


Your fingers will get stronger each time you play


Always make sure you sit at the piano with good posture.


Listen to other piano players performing



We're now offering lessons for all instruments, including singing, theory and aural, online to keep you learning and loving music at home during this time.  please contact us at info@themusicplace.co.uk for further details