Term Dates 2020-2021

Autumn Term 1st Half 2020
Tuesday 1st September to Saturday 24th October – Sun/Mon 7 weeks, Tues-Sat 8 weeks

Autumn Term 2nd Half 2020
Sunday 1st November to Saturday 19th December – 7 weeks

Spring Term 1st Half 2021
Sunday 3rd January to Saturday 13th February – 6 weeks

Spring Term 2nd Half 2021
Sunday 21st February to Saturday 3rd April – 6 weeks

Summer Term 1st Half 2021
Sunday 18th April to Saturday 29th May – 6 weeks

Summer Term 2nd Half 2021
Sunday 6th June to Monday 19th July – Sun/Mon – 7 weeks, Tues-Sat 6 weeks

Bank Holidays in term time: Good Friday 2nd April and Monday 3rd May

Lessons on these dates will be deducted from your April/May invoices