Term Dates 2019 – 2020

Autumn Term 1st Half 2019
Sunday 1st September to Saturday 19th October – 7 weeks

Autumn Term 2nd Half 2019
Sunday 27th October to Saturday 21st December – 8 weeks

Spring Term 1st Half 2020
Sunday 5th January to Saturday 8th February – 5 weeks

Spring Term 2nd Half 2020
Sunday 16th February to Saturday 28th March – 6 weeks

Summer Term 1st Half 2020
Tuesday 14th April to Saturday 23rd May – 6 weeks (Sun 5/Mon 4)

Summer Term 2nd Half 2020
Sunday 31st May to Monday 20th July – 7 weeks (Mon 8)

(Also closed Bank Holiday Friday 8th May)


We're now offering lessons for all instruments, including singing, theory and aural, online to keep you learning and loving music at home during this time.  please contact us at for further details