Whilst we pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful, we do need to ensure that everyone is aware of our terms and conditions outlined below. If you have any questions, please feel free to as


Payment for lessons is made by Direct Debit in equal monthly instalments (please see ‘Payment System’ below for more info).  Students are required to fill out a Direct Debit mandate after their first lesson if they wish to continue.


  1. If a new pupil does not return the following week without letting us know, we will presume the place is not required.  
  2. Refunds are only available in special circumstances. This does not include minor illnesses, holidays or conflicting interests. If possible, missed private lessons maybe rearranged, however this cannot be guaranteed.
  3. To cancel your lessons, you must let us know by the end of the month if you do not wish to carry on into the following month.
  4. The Music Place operates an Equal Opportunities Policy. We are committed to ensuring that all individuals are treated solely on the basis of their relative merits and abilities. We will not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, disability or gender identity.  
  5. When you register with a course of lessons with The Music Place, we assume consent for us to communicate with you regarding payment and Music Place events.  We will not share your information with any other persons or companies without your explicit consent. All your personal data is stored on our database at a secure data centre with full security encryption in place.  Any photographs taken by us will only be used with your consent. You can change your data preferences at anytime by sending an email to info@themusicplace.co.uk
  6. By starting the course of lessons at The Music Place, you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.


Payment System

How it works
The cost of lessons for the whole year is divided into twelve monthly instalments. You will receive an invoice each month detailing the amount that is due. This amount will be taken by direct debit on the 5th of each month. You can ask for a copy of your statement detailing your payments at any point during the year to see where you’re up to. If you are a new pupil starting mid-way through the year, you can either pay for your first lesson separately or add it to your first monthly direct debit payment. The first monthly amount is to cover the cost from the date of your first lesson to when the recurring amount begins. The recurring amount is the cost of your lessons spread evenly throughout the year and will continue until you terminate your lessons.
Direct Debit
Direct Debit saves you the hassle of paying every invoice manually, you’ll be notified of any upcoming payments, and you can cancel whenever you want. What’s more, the Direct Debit Guarantee<https://gocardless.com/direct-debit/guarantee> makes this one of the safest ways for you to pay. We use GoCardless, a BACS approved payments provider, to manage our Direct Debits.
If we cancel a lesson due to a teacher being ill, we will deduct the amount from your next month’s payment (it will be shown on the invoice). If you want to cancel during the year, we will work out how much you’ve paid, how many lessons you’ve had and how much is outstanding. The outstanding amount will be taken as your final payment. If you add any lessons during the year, you will receive a new invoice detailing the new payment amount. Choir members will be able to ask for amendments to their monthly fee by contacting the school before the end of the month.
To cancel your lessons, please let us know by the end of the month if you do not wish to carry on into the following month.
Lesson Prices (39 weeks divided by 12)
  *  Half an hour one to one tuition (£20 per lesson) – £65 per month
  *  Group of two (£13 per lesson) – £42.25 per month
  *  Bands (£10 per session) – £32.50 per month
  *  Choir (afternoon / evening £8 per session) – £26 per month
  *  Sing It! Choir (£8 session) – £26 per month
If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above, please get in touch.