If we do say so ourselves, we’re feeling very pretty at the moment. During the summer, we had a little makeover and introduced a few new fixtures to The Music Place, and we totally LOVE them! So we thought we’d dedicate this week’s blog to shining a spotlight on the wonderful local artists whose work makes The Music Place beautiful.

We’re so pleased with our brand new mural (if you haven’t noticed it yet, have a look up when you climb the indoor stairs!) We really wanted something positive and colourful (and, of course, musical) to liven up the landing so we commissioned talented local artist, Hannah Dagnall. Over the course of a week, Hannah digitally designed and hand-painted the wall and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! We’re also really pleased to display two of Hannah’s bespoke canvases in our office and waiting room, featuring characters she designed just for us! They’re pretty cute. Drop her a line at hdagnall@yahoo.com if you’d like to commission a piece by Hannah!

You might also have noticed our beautiful new benches at the top and bottom of the outdoor staircase (we know it’s a steep climb…we got your back). These were up-cycled by the supremely talented multimedia artist that is Jo Rose! In all the colours of the rainbow, they add some life and brightness to our outside area. Check out Jo’s Instagram @joroseflows for more of her artwork and up-cycled pieces, and to find out a little bit about her process.

For our much-loved piano steps, our beautifully painted doors, our waiting room murals and our special drum light shades, we have to thank the amazing Kirsty Almeida! Another multi-talented lady, Kirsty is a full-time musician and songwriter (check her out at @kirstyalmeidasongwriter) as well as a talented artist. We were really lucky to have had Kirsty and her team makeover The Music Place a couple of years back and it’s still looking as lovely as ever!

Our final contributing artist is the wonderful Gideon Conn. Another fantastic musician and artist (they’re all so darn talented), Gideon is Mr. Sign Man. He painted our lovely signs above the veranda, outside the main gate and in the passageway. He also painted the chalk board artwork in our office as well as our colourful Music Place sandwich boards, thanks Gideon! Check out his art and music on Instagram! (@gideonconn)

The Music Place wouldn’t be half as bright and cheerful without artwork from this talented bunch. Check out their work and keep supporting local artists!

Have a lovely week everyone!