Summer time has arrived! We hope you’re all excited for the long holiday, we’re certainly ready for a rest after the year we’ve had, it’s been pretty busy…

We started the academic year with a big ol’ bang with our 12 hour charity Buskathon, our first collab with lovely Stutter and Twitch. After 12 hours of non-stop music from Music Place students, staff and choirs, we managed to raise £1482.75 for Wood Street Mission! Not a bad start. September also saw the launch of Sing it! , the start of a new and fabulous collaboration with the Little Belters. Sing it! have really enjoyed their first year of rehearsals and have totally smashed every performance they’ve given!

We saw out the rest of 2021 with some super fun wintry activities; The Music Place Choir enjoyed singing at Victoria Baths Winter Festival, Vibrant Voices celebrated at their annual Christmas Party sponsored by Heritage Healthcare, and we saw the return of our Marvelous Musical Advent Calendar! 

In March of 2022, we staged our first ever Spring Festival at The Bowdon Rooms, an enormous showcase of all things Music Place! We had choirs, bands, and solo performances from all age groups, and everybody played their hearts out! And we raised £990 for 42nd street! 

The Music Place Choir is pretty much the coolest and busiest choir in the whole world, and they got up to all sorts this year. Not only did they perform at all of our wonderful festivals and concerts, but also at Manchester Cathedral, Sale Waterside, the Buskathon, the Manchester Marathon and a wedding! Phwoar! The dedication of our choir and of our choir leaders never ceases to amaze us, thank you to you all. 

The last few months have been extremely busy in the best possible way! On 1st July, The Music Place celebrated our 25TH BIRTHDAY!! How the time has flown. We had an absolute blast at The Bowdon rooms with performances from our bands, choirs and our amazing staff (special shout out to our staff Spice Girls!) 

Only ONE WEEK after our 25th extravaganza, we headed back to Stutter and Twitch for our Summer Festival, which was a total blast! Thanks to everyone who performed and who came down to support. 

The great busy fortnight of 2022 (as it shall henceforth be known) continued with a day of Trinity singing exams and 2 days of ABRSM instrumental exams- all of our students did fantastically well. Well done to everyone who took an exam this year! 

This academic year has seen a number of firsts, changes and notable moments, but this blog is getting quite long… so here’s the speed list… we got involved in the corgi run for the Queen’s jubilee! We watched former bass tutor Neil play with Queen at Buckingham Palace! Tanah expanded our Vibrant Voices Choir into Oldham! Lucy started the Let Go Disco Club at The Bowdon Rooms (great boogie opportunity for adults, fyi)! We took on new teachers! We did a number of exam sessions! We got Music Place badges! We got Music Place hoodies! We took on our first accordion pupil! We went pink for Breast Cancer Awareness! We painted the stairs! We got a new sign for the stairs! We got lots of new flowers for outside! … too much. Must breathe. 

We’ve loved every second of this year, and of the first 25 years of The Music Place. We can’t thank our staff enough for all of their hard work, and our students and choir members for their continued dedication and enthusiasm. Here’s to the next 25 years. 

Have a lovely Summer everyone and we’ll see you when we reopen on September 4th.