As winter approaches and the gloom of another lockdown looms over us, it’s hard to deny that things aren’t at their best right now. But you know what they say, when life gives you lemons, learn to juggle. So we thought we’d dedicate a blog to the opportunists among us, who saw the first lockdown as a chance to learn something new and take up lessons with The Music Place.

We interviewed Lynton and Emma Howells, The Music Place’s first international students! We’ve gone global, people! Lynton and Emma took up online piano and violin lessons during lockdown in California. On top of the covid restrictions, Emma, Lynton and their family also couldn’t leave their house for 30 days due to smoke from wildfires. Despite the circumstances, music kept their spirits high and Emma and Lynton are still enjoying their lessons with us months on. Here’s what they had to say about their experience.

Q: How have you found the experience of lockdown in California?

Lynton-  Boring, boring, boring, when it was smoky it was even more boring because we couldn’t go outside and my mom wouldn’t let me have more screen time.

Emma- Kind of okay because we can still go places but not that many places with people in. And I get to stay with my puppies. When it was smoky it was really bad because we couldn’t even go outside.

Q: Why did you decide to start lessons during lockdown?

Lynton-I didn’t start because of it, I had just started homeschooling anyways.

Emma -I just started music because I had done it before but then stopped. I missed it so I wanted to start again.

Q: How have you found the online lessons?

Lynton-Extremely fun.

Emma-  I like it cause I can get some of the best teachers even though they live in England and I live in California. So I get to have my favourite teacher.

Q: What would you say to someone thinking about taking up lessons online?

Emma – It’s fun, you should do it!

Lynton -Good for you!


And good for you, Emma and Lynton! Thanks so much for the Q&A!

Congratulations to everyone who took the opportunity in lockdown to learn a new skill. We’re really proud to have been able to teach online throughout the pandemic, and pleased that we can now offer lessons to students far and wide.

Have a lovely week everyone!